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Your preparation, organization and management of this process will determine your future. It is a 24/7 job that will impact your family, your wealth and your overall livelihood. Don't go through one of the most significant parts of your life without a plan and the right tools!

divisible is a unified platform that gets you organized. We connect all of your information, scheduling, responsibilities and record keeping to ensure you are prepared and have clear direction on next steps. We provide the tools you need to get through this rough time, and give you the greatest chance of coming out of your divorce with a positive outcome.

Get organized and take control!

Divorce is forever. Once the process is complete, there is no going back.

You don't want to do this alone! You can't afford to do this alone!

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divisible helps you get through the most difficult experience you'll ever encounter. The process is complicated, lengthy and will be more work than you ever imagined.

That's where we come in. We make the most difficult part of your life manageable, and allow you to take control!

To-Dos and Status Tracking

Not only will you have lots to do, but so will your legal team. Make sure they're on track by managing tasks and status.

Document Management

Manage all of your documents in one central place, and ensure your legal team has easy and organized access.

Calendar and Scheduling

Avoid getting lost in your email and notes from phone calls. Court hearings, status meetings, guardian visits, paperwork deadlines and more will be easily managed in a central calendar.


Between Lawyers, Paralegals, Guardians, Custody Evaluators and others, you can't imagine how many people may be involved.

Assets and Liabilities

Make sure you don't forget about any critical assets and liabilities you want to keep, give or share. Keep your valuables (money, possessions, etc) and make sure you don't forget about debts.


Divorces are expensive, and you'll have a pile of expenses and receipts to keep track of. Track your spending, retainers, legal fees and more and be in control of your spending. You may get some of it reimbursed by your spouse.

Recent Blog Posts

Offense and Defense

There are two sides to almost everything in life – and that couldn’t be more true for divorce. And it begins with the very first event of any divorce proceeding, the filing of papers. If you’re on Offense, you’ve proactively made the decision the marriage is over and have moved into the early planning phases. Conversely, if you’re on Defense you might know things aren’t going well but you’re probably not thinking divorce is the next step. ... [read more]

5 Questions when Interviewing Lawyers

As we’ve discussed in previous post, the divorce experience can be radically different if you’re on offense versus defense. If you’ve spent 2-3 months working with a firm to outline your grievances, build your case and document actions, then you already have a head start in the process. The much tougher scenario is if your spouse just filed papers on you, and you now have a hearing scheduled in 30 days. ... [read more]

Character Affidavits 101

One of the first tasks on your divorce journey will be to gather the support of your friends and family, colleagues, schools, etc – and in a specific Character Affidavits format for the court. You’ll need to be able to describe all you do and provide in support of your spouse and/or family, but it’s just as important there are outside people willing to weigh in on your behalf. This can be an awkward conversation with a wide range of people ... [read more]


There's no doubt, this will be one of the hardest, most complicated and time consuming things you'll ever experience. Our goal is to make it as easy and manageable for you as possible. We're here to help, so please contact us if you have questions or need support.

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